Characters and Plot, Not “Versus”

(Disclaimer: I outline. This post assumes outlining.)

I mentioned in a previous post, “Style vs. Substance,” that characters vs. plot is not an argument I entertain. That, in fact, they are the same thing when it comes to developing the story.

Or, more accurately, that they should be.

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My Issues With Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Since it’s been almost two years since this movie came out, I’ve rewatched it recently, and I still despise it, it is the perfect thing to make a blog post on! I am current and trendy!

Anyway. Moving right along.

I don’t like The Last Jedi for three main reasons.  None of these reasons include Luke acting out of character, Leia flying, Ackbar dying, ramming speed, or dead CGI monstrosities, so I think my take remains somewhat unique. My reasons are the unmemorable side characters and side plots, unintelligent choices made by the characters, and the fact that it didn’t go far enough.

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New Story: All in the Family

Tessa Bosley shut and locked the door behind her, gasping for air. Her heart was racing as she gave an elated laugh. Not only did she have blackmail-worthy dirt on the famous Daniels family, she had a buyer for that dirt. Tessa punched in a command for a celebratory drink, smirking. If only those entitled brats knew they were spending criminal earnings.

Actually, they probably wouldn’t care. But the rest of the Confederacy would, and that’s how she was going to get rich.

Tessa raised her glass to herself as the slot opened with it, stepping into the living area with a laugh. She began to take a sip—

“Miss Bosley,” the man on the couch stated. She shrieked in panic, her glass slipping from her fingers to bounce on the floor. He smiled at her from the darkened room. “We need to talk.”

Blackmail is like a gun with one bullet. It works fine until someone takes the bullet. Completed 2019.

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New Story: Scholarly Pursuit

Navarro Sehk was gasping for air as he lowered his sword. His arms trembled in exhaustion. Not for the first time, he thought about demanding Kezia hire more mercenaries for her protection. He almost hadn’t been enough that time. Then again, he thought with bleak humour, demands had yet to work.

 Mercenary Navarro Sehk has been paid to protect Kezia, but she won’t let him do his job. Completed 2019.

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