I have finally determined why I generally dislike the superhero genre, and I am ecstatic to realize that I am not deficient in some way. I am also happy to understand why Megamind is my favourite superhero movie.

I have always gotten Marvel burn out easily, and I have always wondered how people can commit to Marvel so fully when the movies seem less and less spectacular to me as time goes on. I started to blame the Disney machine, and while that may still play a role in it, it is actually based in part of the core concept of superheroes.

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Story: Stress Fractures

Gabbri looked out at the surrounding forests, considering them and the caravan her mercenary troupe was protecting. Now that they were east of Flitigonus, only a few days from Lang’Thuide, the forests were more dangerous. There would be a lot of desperate people in these woods. They would have to be on the lookout for trouble the whole night through.

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 A piece of metal, no matter how well or poorly forged, cannot be forced through the same stress again and again without yielding to it. Completed 2020.