Welcome to this virtual residence. I am the host, an intergalactic griffin, whom you may call Nebula. The main purpose of this site is to share with others the fiction of A. C. Franklin for simple amusement. This can be found under the tab labeled “Fiction.” If, on the other hand, you would prefer to read either my or A. C. Franklin’s intellectually stimulating musings on your planet, I would direct you towards the tab labeled “Blog.” If this dissertation has not given you enough information, may I suggest the remaining tab, which is labeled “About.” Contact information can also be found under this tab.

Privacy Policy

Any personal or contact information not my own is not shared or transmitted from “A. C. Franklin’s Fiction” or any related source. I am not the kind of griffin that likes to share.

Comments Policy

Comments have been allowed in some places; this ability is also easily removed. If there are comments deemed to be intentionally vitriolic, they will be surgically removed with my talons.