Hello fellow humans! I’m A. C. Franklin. Welcome to my website. This site was created to share my short fiction, so I recommend you check out the Fiction page. I will share some of my thoughts about writing and other things in the Blog. I am trying to post on the first Saturday of every month, but I make no promises. Thoughtful feedback and criticism is appreciated in any and all comments sections. Baseless maliciousness is treated as explained in the comments policy. If you would like to know a little more about me, or get in touch with me directly, visit the About page. Finally, the Gallery page is a new addition, showcasing my efforts in other forms of art.

Privacy Policy

Any personal or contact information not my own is not shared or transmitted from “A. C. Franklin’s Fiction” or any related source. 

Comments Policy

Comments have been allowed in some places; this ability is also easily removed. If there are comments deemed to be intentionally vitriolic, towards me or others, they will be surgically removed with my talons.