This website was created to share stories, so let’s get to it! The links below should take you to the story listed.


 -Billy goats always were bad at paying what they owed. A twisted fairy tale. Completed 2015.

She hadn’t stopped to consider there might be a reason those children were left in the middle of the woods by themselves, but she should have. Another twisted fairy tale. Completed 2016.

 -A great sorceress knows how to look beneath the skin. Completed 2016.


-Miss Leona always knew the man she loved would be the best shootist in the county. Well, second best. Completed 2015.

 -Sequel to “Miss Leona and Her Gentleman Caller.” The past can cling to a man like a burr to a horse, and Killer Hammond’s has come for him. Completed 2015.

-Second sequel to “Miss Leona and Her Gentleman Caller.” The differences between a lady and a shootist (or lack thereof). Completed 2017.

Science Fiction

-Roberts is interested in a particular pocket watch—a time travelling one. Completed 2017.


 -Guilt can do funny things to the mind, but Peter Grey never believed himself to be so weak. Completed 2016.

-A story that highlights the Great War, the World War that’s forgotten. Strong imagery. Completed 2014.

-With a bomb about to go off, Agent Harvey Guyver can’t spare the concentration that his bullet wound is costing him. Luckily for him, he gets a little help. Completed 2017.



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